• Team of experts

    Century 3 owes its good reputation to regular innovations and the accumulated expertise of its employees and office communities. In years of development C3 has brought together experts from all engineering disciplines and project managers with experience in various industries. As most of the employees have completed their training abroad, a special farsightedness for effective and creative solutions is given.

  • Intercultural communication

    In view of the growing global cooperation, Century 3 considers professional and sensitive communication to be an essential basis for successful project implementation. C3 therefore focuses on clear, intercultural communication between customers, suppliers and all parties involved throughout the entire duration of a project. Engineers, designers and the support team know the requirements that are of central importance for cross-border business. The result is successful projects and long-term business success.

  • Comprehensive licensing in China

    Century 3 holds full design licenses in the areas of chemicals (Class A), petrochemicals (Class B), pharmaceuticals (Class B), buildings (Class A), general contractors (Class I), ME installations (Class II), interior design (Class II), construction management (Class A), construction management for municipal utilities (Class B) and construction management for petrochemical plants.