• i-Safety App

    The i-Safety App is a central platform for protecting human lives by predicting unsafe conditions. It uses advanced analysis of project safety and project data to create key indicators and even predict future risks in real time. The i-Safety App helps to document safety risks and incidents in the workplace in seconds to ensure a 100% safe and compliant environment for all employees.

  • i-Room

    The i-Rooms form the heart of the project management and data processing centres, equipped with state-of-the-art BIM technology, multi-screen walls and a VR system. Century 3 is therefore able to render BIM-based models in real time and can provide a vivid VR environment for the customer and all project participants in the i-Rooms. In this way, every step of the project, from preliminary planning and detailing to construction, can be visualized, managed, checked and coordinated.

  • Medical emergency call system

    The medical call system is a cross-location function to be able to react quickly in an emergency and to ensure immediate medical measures in any situation. The emergency call system covers the entire project area. By pressing the emergency button, the medical staff is alerted and informed of the exact location and help is provided on site as quickly as possible. The reaction time in life-threatening situations can thus be shortened considerably.

  • Quality assurance system

    Using the web-based quality management system (QMS), all drawings can be stored on a secure cloud server and accessed via web browser, smartphone or pad. In this way, the engineers in the field always use the latest planning status and have all information at their disposal at all times. Any deviations that are detected are marked in the digital plan at the construction site and sent directly to the responsible contractor via QSM. The correction can be checked via a tracking sheet sent along with the plan. Instead of writing reports in site offices, the engineers in the field have more time for quality control of the contractors.

  • Face recognition

    Century 3 already uses a facial recognition system on construction sites in China. This enables hazards and injuries to workers to be identified and prevented at an early stage. The recognition system is linked to a database that synchronizes working hours and salaries. It sends warnings and updates about unauthorized access or excessive overtime directly to the responsible department. This data can be displayed in real time and broken down by trade, company and skilled workers. This allows those involved to continuously improve their processes and procedures.