• Century 3 Europe Celebrated 10-year Anniversary

    On 12 October 2023, Century 3 Europe celebrated its 10-year anniversary at its headquarters in Regensburg, Germany. The event brought together the company’s management team from Germany, China and the US, along with approximately 120 guests, to celebrate the remarkable growth achieved since its acquisition by C3 group in 2019.

    Founded in 2013 as an architect firm based in Germany, Century 3 Europe has experienced a strategic rebranding and significant growth since being acquired by Century 3 Group in 2019. Benefitting from years of experiences in urban planning, engineering and project management in European market, C3 Europe has diversified its service offerings and expanded to more industrial markets. Today, C3 Europe stands as a trusted partner for both existing clients and Chinese investors seeking opportunities in the European market.


    The 10-year anniversary celebration kicked off with a warm welcome speech by Mr. Rong He, CEO of Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc. from China, and Mr. Greg Hall, President of Century 3 Inc. from the US. Following this, Mr. Ludwig Vanderpoorten, General Manager of Century 3 Europe GmbH guided the guests through the Regensburg office and introduced the history of C3 Europe and how the connection to C3 China was established. The celebration continued in a relaxed atmosphere, with tents and a bar set up on the company premises, where attendees had the opportunity to network and learn about Regensburg's plans to become carbon-neutral in the near future.


    “The acquisition of C3 Europe has been instrumental in strengthening our expertise, expanding our reach, and allowing us to better serve the needs of global clients,” Commented Mr. Rong He. “Today, C3 Europe continuously strives to expand its footprint with a team of more than 50 industrial professionals. With a strong foundation and a decade of experience, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the European market while maintaining the highest standards to provide exceptional services to our clients.”

  • Renovation and Extension of the 6-group Day Care Centre in Mengkofen

    Existing buildings often have a bad reputation, are perceived as “legacy” for future developments. This attitude also struck us at first in the Mengkofen municipal council. However, in the sense of the necessary building turnaround and here under the aspect of sustainability, the preservation of the solidly built existing building was important to us. By integrating the existing building into the design concept, we were able to preserve building and demolition materials and save so-called grey energy. The new building is a modern wooden structure with a sheltered inner courtyard.

    For the new kindergarten in Mengkofen, great importance was therefore attached to implementing the new room program in particular harmony with the existing building. In the interplay between the existing building and the extension, new spatial and recreational qualities are created on two ring-shaped floors.

    The old and new buildings are connected at ground level via a one-storey connecting corridor with a new main entrance. On the upper floor, a spacious play corridor connects the existing group rooms in the old building with the multi-function room and three further group rooms in the extension building. The gallery of the old building becomes a studio and is connected to the ground floor via a new stair sculpture with an integrated cloakroom. In the existing
    group rooms, the stair galleries are integrated into new play landscapes.

    A differentiated colour and furnishing concept underlines the tree house character of the kindergarten. The groundfloor rooms of the old building are oriented towards the forest floor in terms of materiality (natural wood) and colour (brown, green), while the new group rooms on the first floor reflect the open view of the sky (white-glazed wood and turquoise-blue colour scheme).

    In addition to the existing outdoor play areas, the elevation of the extension creates further covered play and recreation areas. At the foot of the new building, a public play area will be created following the terrain of Am Schwebach.

  • Century 3 Welcomes New Board Advisor Georg Pastl

    Century 3 Group is excited to announce that Mr. Georg Pastl has accepted an invitation from Century 3 Group’s CEO, Mr. Rong He, to be the Board Advisor of Century 3 Europe GmbH. This assignment will reinforce Century 3’s market position and benefit our existing and new clients through Mr. Pastl’s abundant experiences in the management of large-scale projects in engineering and construction industry.

    Mr. Georg Pastl brings to Century 3 Europe team with over 30 years of experiences accumulated in the automotive industry in Germany and abroad. His profound knowledge in LEAN Management, LEAN Design and LEAN Construction as well as his many years of experiences make him a sought-after project manager in this industry.

    “We’re thrilled to have Georg in the team. His well-versed industrial expertise gained through his long career will be critical in serving our clients’ needs across a wide spectrum of fields,” commented Mr. Rong He.

  • Century 3 signed MOU with Swietelsky Group

    On August 29, 2022, Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Swietelsky Group in Vienna, Austria to collaborate on engineering and GC projects in Europe. Mr. Ludwig Vanderpoorten, General Manager of Century 3 Europe, Mr. Rong He, CEO of Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc., and Mr. Klaus Bleckenwegner, Board Member / Head of International Business Unit / Chief Operating Officer of Swietelsky Group, attended the signing ceremony.

    First established in Austria in 1936, Swietelsky Group has grown steadily with annual revenue of €3.5 billion and almost 12,000 employees globally, providing services in the fields of construction engineering, civil engineering, etc. It now has establishments in 21 countries with core market covering Central Europe including Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.

    Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc. is a leading technology, engineering and project management company in China. Established in 2004 with headquarters in Shanghai, Century 3 provides reliable full life cycle solutions to industrial and commercial clients worldwide with Chinese government issued licenses in engineering, construction, Jianli and trading. Century 3 takes pride in delivering the best possible value with our state-of-the-art home-developed technologies and has been firmly established as a benchmark for excellence in engineering and construction services in China.

    Commenting on the signing of the MOU, Mr. Rong He said: "We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Swietelsky to become an active participant in the engineering and construction field in Central Europe. With the profound experiences and broad areas of expertise, our combined team will ensure clients’ success in European market, especially in the “One Belt One Road” regions. In addition, Century 3 will also support Swietelsky in the procurement of materials and equipment in China."
  • New hybrid building for software companies at TechCampus

    The technology district "TechCampus" in Regensburg offers high-tech companies unique location options. Here, a new hybrid building with offices and parking garage as well as eight 1-3-room apartments is being built for the software company ibi systems. The office units are oriented to the north on the street side, the residential units to the south.

    Both uses have different floor heights and are accessed via separate staircases. The entrance to the parking garage as a slope installation is at ground level. The office space is classically divided into individual offices, but can be flexibly divided by the centrally located access core. The top "executive floor" is prominently equipped with a large south-facing terrace and a spacious floor plan. The dark clinker façade stands out "noble" from the surroundings, despite different floor heights, the window layout on three sides is regular, so that the interior layout remains flexible.

    Energetically, both the EE class and KfW55 standard are met. For the energetic realization of KfW55 & EE class, a combination of CHP and photovoltaics has been implemented for energy supply. The hybrid building is heated by underfloor heating, which is supplemented by radiators in the toilet cores / bathrooms. The water supply is via a cold water network with water treatment and pressure booster system. The required hot water is generated in the office units with electric instant tankless water heaters and in the apartments by decentralized fresh water stations. The required air exchanges are achieved in the office units with a supply / exhaust air system via roof. Controlled ventilation of the living space ensures air exchange in the apartments. A split air conditioning system has been installed in the server room. Ancillary rooms and cellars in the basement are tempered by means of radiators, the air exchange is ensured with a KWL ventilation unit.

  • New residential complex with diverse flats

    Wohnanlage Donaumühle is a residential complex with a commercial space in Kelheim Hohenpfahl, with a concept to increase the quality of life in residential spaces by method of designing and organization. The complex is designed to create a comfortable living environment for the residents with a predominance of green area, natural ventilation and sufficient lighting.

    The complex consists of four residential buildings with 55 apartments, offering a wide variety of apartment solutions to choose from: Studio apartments, 1-Bedroom and 2- Bedroom apartments, Penthouses with terrace and apartments with open garden. The complex has a large underground parking area accommodating 97 parking lots and 30 surface parking on the North and south of the complex. The central courtyard is a private green space actively used by the residents only for games, recreation and gardening, thus making it a safe zone for the children. Wohnanlage Donaumühle offers a range of living solutions that will be in demand by every group of residents in Kelheim.

  • New apartment hotel with an electricity generating facade

    An apartment hotel with 255 beds and a small fitness area is being built directly on the A93 freeway on the city border with Regensburg. The accommodations are mainly double rooms, but 3- and 4-bed apartments with 3 bedrooms each are also planned.

    The construction is based on the patented modular building system with room elements in concrete construction. The energy concept provides for a highly efficient heat-insulating envelope and high solar utilization for power generation. Transparent solar modules are built into the window elements, which combine the advantages of transparency, shading and solar yield.

  • Century 3 Europe's new office building is being built

    Century 3 Europe meets laboratory to develop highly functionalized nanomaterials. The new technology quarter "TechCampus" in Regensburg offers unique settlement options for innovative high-tech companies. Here, new workplaces are created for the innovative research team of RAS AG and the international planning office of Century 3 GmbH.

    In the new hybrid building "RAS Techcube" the uses of research laboratories, planning office and urban living are closely interwoven. The themes of clusters, networking and cooperation between business and science play a key role in the building concept. The building itself is correspondingly innovative, with a highly elemental facade made of prefabricated concrete elements. The concept of the industrial-studio look offers innovative workstyle with the greatest possible flexibility in use and space management.

  • Century 3 Europe ranked 34th in the 2019/2020 competitionline

    According to competitionline, the leading architects platform in Germany, the 2019/2020 ranking shows three things in particular: First, continuous persistence pays off in the long run. Second, competition is permeable. Every year, well-rehearsed teams work their way into the top ten and sometimes even make it to the top.

    Thirdly, the first place winners and the example of silands Gresz + Kaiser landscape architects also show that there must be a balanced balance between participation and follow-up orders for continuous success in competition. Otherwise the competition quickly gets into a roller coaster ride.

  • Century 3 Fights against Coronavirus with Mask Donation to Germany

    In an effort to battle the spread of epidemic coronavirus, Century 3 group donated over 15,000 KN95 masks to German Red Cross recently. German Federal Ministry of Healthy arranged the transportation from China to Germany.

    The aid relief efforts is a continuous part of Century 3’s constant commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of our people and communities. Benefiting from many years invested in nurturing and frequent updates of supplier database, Century 3 has carefully selected medical suppliers whose products proven reliable and are in compliance with European Standard. 

    Apart from donation to Germany, Century 3 also delivered medical gears to our colleagues, business partners, clients and friends in China and the US. Century 3 has also taken measures to contain the domestic spread of coronavirus such as limiting business travels, maximize remote working, disinfecting public areas regularly. We sincerely hope to relieve medical supply shortages and for people all around the world to survive the coronavirus outbreak. 

  • QAQC service award for BMW's greenfield project in Shenyang, China

    Century 3 Europe was again selected as BMWs long-term partner for the new projects in Shenyang, China. The QAQC service contract for the greenfield projects is scheduled to run until August 2022.

    The project includes the review and coordination of the design of the press shop, body shop, paint shop, assembly/logistics/ transformative growth factor (tgf) of the auxiliary buildings as well as traffic/media/plant infrastructure of the main office buildings. Based on comprehensive knowledge of the German and Chinese design codes, the binational team offers BMW highly qualified services as always.

  • Jakob-Muth-School, architectural competition in Regensburg, 2nd tour

    The competition site is located in the northern Regensburg district of Sallerner Berg. It is located in a residential area characterised by detached bungalows from the 1970s and is framed by trees worthy of preservation and the Aberdeen Park.

    The three-storey building concept for the school complex (primary school, Jakob-Muth-Förderschule with preparatory school and sports hall with canteen and after-school care) uses the topography of the southern slope with a view of historic Regensburg. Both schools are connected by a barrier-free outdoor area with shrub and tree plantings, the basement floors are lit over planted slopes. The school type of the pavilion school takes up the typology and scale of the surrounding buildings and allows a strong reference to open space. Two-storey learning buildings, each with four classrooms, differentiation rooms and a teachers' base, form central cluster units along a central development axis. In order to create smaller units, two class areas are arranged offset around the functional multi-purpose areas and special rooms.

  • Urban planning realization competition 3rd place in Feldafing

    Until 2017 the villa of the author, painter and art collector Lothar-Günther Buchheim and his wife Diethild stood on the competition site in the centre of Feldafing. After demolition of the dilapidated old building, the non-profit Buchheim Foundation is handing over the property to the promoter Stadibau, Gesellschaft für den Staatsbedienstetenwohnungsbau in Bayern mbH, to build affordable housing for civil servants.

    In the competition design, a group of houses consisting of three free-standing structures is carefully placed in the middle of the property, so that the characteristic tree population can be almost completely preserved. The three-storey residential buildings with approx. 20 apartments are oriented in their height and extension to the scale of the surrounding villa development and fit into the area. In contrast to the geometric arrangement of the building structures, the open-air facilities use the characterful course of the terrain to create a flowing open space. The interlocking with the apartments is achieved via terraces and balconies.

  • Competition Reichelsdorfer Radrennbahn in Nuremberg won 1st place

    On the green footprint of the old bicycle racetrack in Nuremberg, a mixed residential quarter consisting of groups of terraced houses and multi-storey residential buildings is being built, 30% of which are state-subsidised.

    A solitary building is in dialogue with this in a prominent location at the intersection of Vorjurastrasse and Kellerstrasse. The residential and commercial building acts as a "landmark" figurehead, forming an address for the "Alte Radrennbahn" quarter.
  • Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal is opened

    New construction of the Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal consisting of a visitor pavilion, nature park Altmühltal pavilion and exhibition hall. A modern architectural language of free-standing cubic structures and the conscious use of natural building materials underline the modern character of the museum ensemble. For the construction and facades, mainly local wood was used.

    The nature park Altmühltal-Pavillon, which was commissioned by the public, has a special position. The natural stone façade, formally based on ammonite, consists of polished and brushed Jurassic limestone. The great challenge in terms of statics and structural attachment of the façade to the wooden post and beam construction was achieved thanks to the close cooperation between Dinopark Bayern, district of Eichstätt and Century 3 Europe, formerly known as Europe-Asia-Architects.