• Planning quality
    Century 3 Europe 
    • specializes in international project management and is represented on the German-Chinese market by international partners and employees
    • has political and administrative know-how on the European and Asian side
    • offers a precisely coordinated project handling
    • takes over all tasks of the architect from the project idea, planning and construction coordination up to efficiency check, visualization and project control
    • always plans in transparent coordination with the client
    • usually handles the project on the basis of work phases of the HOAI - the fee structure for architects and engineers
  • Architecture consulting
    Century 3 Europe
    • offers client consulting and project management for economic and legal questions of project execution
    • takes part in architectural competitions and offers concept and strategy consulting
    • prepares feasibility studies, location and cost analyses, profitability calculations, monument preservation expertise and concepts
    • supports budget and resource planning, energy efficiency and plausibility checks 
    • advises on location and investment decisions and on procurement management
  • Site management
    Century 3 Europe
    • offers quality assurance and controlling of large complex projects through a comprehensive construction management system
    • offers building administration
    • takes over environmental, health & safety management, logistics, cost calculation and cost control
    • takes over the assembly, coordination, commissioning and commissioning, acceptance and handover of plants
  • Strategic planning
    Century 3 Europe 
    • offers technical planning and consulting for successful project development and implementation
    • supports clients to make the best decisions for the company and to find a suitable project location in line with the respective project requirements, infrastructure and location factors
    • undertakes master planning, site selection and feasibility studies, site and facility due diligence, site and facility EHS assessment, negotiations with authorities, permits, owner representation
  • Project management
    Century 3 Europe
    • assists in clarifying project requirements, deployment of personnel and participating companies, preparation of a project and business plan, coordination and control of project participants, updating of planning objectives
    • takes over all tasks of administrative project management and optimization of the planning objective, creation and coordination of the program for the overall project
    • ensures the exchange of information between client, architect and construction companies for a smooth project flow, coordination and control of the handling of financing, funding and approval procedures
    • clarifies the requirements for the deployment of planners and other professionals involved in the planning
  • Technical planning
    Century 3 Europe 
    • offers comprehensive engineering services in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, heating, ventilation, sanitary and building services, fire protection, process, plant, safety and electrical planning
    • undertakes the preparation of a catalogue of requirements, conceptual design, basic design, preliminary design, detailed planning, laboratory planning & design, interior design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), design consulting, value analysis
  • Tendering and awarding
    Century 3 Europe 
    • strives to deliver the highest quality at the best price
    • cultivates open and transparent communication with plant and material suppliers and building contractors 
    • ensures consistently excellent quality through systematic supplier evaluation
    • works closely with all partners involved in the project to ensure that purchases are made in a timely manner
    • takes over services such as procurement and contacting for implementation planning, contractor and supplier qualification, tendering, bid clarification and evaluation, management and control of test materials, acceleration, coordination of logistics, administration of orders and contracts as well as invoice management and control
  • Visualization
    Century 3
    • masters almost unlimited possibilities of 3D visualization and model-based building planning (BIM)
    • is convinced that the content and emotions of an idea are translated by the visualization into a tangible language that is understood around the world
  • Maintenance and relocation

    Extensive experience in project management, maintenance, and relocation enables Century 3 to support major manufacturers in a variety of industries around the world with system enhancements, system expansions, and system implementation and maintenance, as well as operational services. 

  • BIM services

    Since 2007, Century 3 has been using the integrated BIM software in the design and construction of buildings, civil engineering and infrastructure structures, and has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction in a large number of national and international projects. Today, Century 3 is one of the world's leading companies, closely linking BIM technology with the AEC industry. With the Chinese team of experienced engineers, difficult technical challenges can already be solved in the design phase. This guarantees the customer a high standard of quality and safety, accurate cost estimates and reliable scheduling, optimal space utilization and minimization of construction risks.